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The Thought Transistor

One good reason not to put your head in a socket.

The Infamous Trev-MUN
19 October
Heya! I'm the Infamous Trev-MUN. I'm just this guy who's trying to learn how to be a good computer graphics artist; 3D modeling and animation are my major interests, but I mess around with other forms of art, too--traditional drawing, pixel, voxel, vector stills and animation, the list goes on.

I'm also the author of two small-time webcomics out on the 'net, Ragnarok Wisdom and The Legend of Key-Fu (a sprite comic gone horribly wrong). If you ever get a chance, check 'em out.

(I even put them in my own interests. FOK I AM EGOSTIC)

This LiveJournal functions as my development blog for my miscellaneous projects, and whatever bits and rantings about my personal life I see fit to post here (LJ standard operationg procedure!). I've no quarrel with people friending me; if you like what you see, by all means, friend me and keep a watch on my entries.