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«‹‹‹08:59 PM›››» «‹November 5th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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This ... is outrageous.
Earlier this morning I learned something that really has me shaking my head.

See, a lot of my fellow Ragnarok Wisdom castmates are from New York City. Sniff and Lenz, particularly, were classmates, and a third guy that is a mutual friend of theirs now runs a fairly well-known blog called GerritsenBeach.net.

The eponymous neighborhood, apparently, has some really bad problems with teenage delinquency. Sniff has told me some horror stories about the vandalism those kids pull off at the expense of the neighborhood.

Apparently, this Halloween it was really bad. The blogger decided to highlight the issues by catching the idiot teens in the act, taking pictures of them as they went about vandalizing and causing property damage. Even better, he managed to find proof that the kids were planning this ahead of time and openly bragging about their exploits on Facebook--with the blessings of their parents to boot.

You can read the full account of his sleuthing here.

The point of doing this was, mainly, to highlight the lack of response by the NYPD--a cruiser from a local precinct drove by, but was easily persuaded to leave by the punks, who--as the blogger notes--bragged and cheered their victory.

You would think that being exposed like this on a blog would be enough to make the parents and kids realize they really screwed up.

But no. Instead, they want to silence the blogger. They went so far as to accuse him of being a pedophile for documenting the havoc the teens wrought on the neighborhood.

Suffice to say, Lenz and Sniff are furious, and they have every right to be.

This was discussed earlier on the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC channel; one person (SnowGryphon) mused that this was groupthink in action. Sniff thinks the mentality among these parents and homeowners is to protect the neighborhood's property values by silencing anyone who wold expose a problem that would cause property values to drop, rather than, you know, fixing the problem at hand.

Me? I see it as more of the "blame anything but human nature" song and dance routine. Rather than admit that the kids and parents are not being responsible, rather than clean up their act, they would rather pin the problems on something else, like the blogger who's blowing the whistle. To me, it's a lot like Jack Thompson popping up to pin the blame of a recent tragedy on them darned evil "murder simulators."

University of Green Bay professor and geologist, Steven Dutch, has said something similar to snark about this kind of mentality:

"But we can't go there. That would imply there's something wrong with human nature, when it's so much easier to put the blame on an externality like religion, circumcision, or Saturday morning cartoons."

For my part, I hope Sniff and Lenz's blogger buddy comes out of this alright. It would be a sad miscarriage of justice if this guy gets slapped with the label of "registered sex offender" just for catching teenage hoodlums in the act of vandalizing a neighborhood and gleefully hurting people.

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«‹‹‹05:49 PM›››» «‹November 3rd›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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Good news, everyone!
As of just a few minutes ago, I added all the data for screenChaos100 into the ComicCMS system (the comic, the news article, and the rambling text).

Just 350 more comics to go! (huaaaaughaaaa)

Steve H really ought to look taking after some of LiveJournal's features for adding and managing journal entries for ComicCMS.

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«‹‹‹07:16 PM›››» «‹October 31st›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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Ladies and gentlemen!
I just got back from the Alliance Air Show.

Let me just say, it was well worth the sunburn I will be experiencing for the next few days.

Aside from seeing the Blue Angels, I got to see a jet-propelled port-o-potty and school bus.

The Indie Boys are awesome.

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«‹‹‹09:23 PM›››» «‹October 25th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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One of the last pieces of the puzzle.
For the Ragnarok Wisdom website redesign, I'm making the fan-made works page its own section. Ideally, I want to make it a gallery that can display the various things people have done when it comes to RW art.

The problem is, I can't seem to find a good image gallery script that can do the job. I've tried Plogger, but that was a bust because it just wouldn't integrate into ComicCMS--even though Plogger boasts "all you need to do is put three lines of code into your page!" Yeah, sure.

Ideally I need something that can be simply dropped into a web page, as well as something that could sort pictures by tags (so people could look at galleries sorted either by either the author or the characters present in the picture). Kind of like the *booru sites, only maybe not so raw.

I'd rather not put off adding this to the RW site, because if I do, I'm pretty sure that I'll never get around to finishing it. The option to "just handle everything by hand" isn't very attractive either, even with the redesign; I'd probably wind up avoiding adding new things to the gallery, which is what wound up happening with the HTML-based version of the RW site.

So, in case anyone's reading--do you guys know of a good image gallery system that could be dropped into a web page, or some kind of method I could use for creating a gallery?

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«‹‹‹05:34 PM›››» «‹October 24th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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The Things We Talk About
After showing Zelse the progress on the new Ragnarok Wisdom site's layout, we got onto other topics.

5:15 PM - Zelse: Oh, did I mention anything about school last time I dropped by?
5:15 PM - Trev-MUN: Nope.
5:16 PM - Zelse: Well, I started about.. gosh, 8 weeks ago now.
5:16 PM - Trev-MUN: Starting college, or?
5:17 PM - Zelse: I'm going to culinary school.
5:17 PM - Trev-MUN: ...
5:17 PM - Trev-MUN: :D
5:18 PM - Zelse: Yes! I'm having fun with it!
5:18 PM - Trev-MUN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSc2B6E9XIs&NR=1
5:18 PM - Trev-MUN: This is you.
5:18 PM - Trev-MUN: From now on.
5:18 PM - Trev-MUN: The fact that you're an Assassin and he's a Spy makes it all the more hilarious.
5:20 PM - Zelse: What's funny is learning the fundamentals right now, there's so much French influence.
5:21 PM - Trev-MUN: Haha.
5:25 PM - Zelse: Haw haw!
5:25 PM - Trev-MUN: The Heavy is Sniff.
5:25 PM - Trev-MUN: Tristan is the Scout.
5:27 PM - Zelse: I'm even already procrastinating on my first paper!
5:27 PM - Trev-MUN: Zelse's first paper: How to Make Buttsex Sandwiches
5:27 PM - Trev-MUN: (Not really. XD)
5:27 PM - Trev-MUN: what's the subject?
5:28 PM - Zelse: It's a project on fruit and I got stuck with writing the paper. It's about buttsex sandwiches.
5:28 PM - Zelse: I mean, lemons.
5:30 PM - Trev-MUN: Hahahaha XD

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«‹‹‹12:42 AM›››» «‹October 24th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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Random thing I came across.
One of the guys at the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC channel, Minty Errende, pointed me to this place on Reddit that's about relationships. Poking through it briefly, I stumbled across this bit from a larger post:

"If a man were to somehow get a list of the top 10 things a woman says she wants in a man (and was able to implement all of them in himself, via magical or sciencical means), and a step-by-step guide for the perfect first date for that girl in her own words, 99.9% of the time she'd irrevocably friend zone the guy within minutes."

I wonder if that's related to the phenomenon of "nice guys finishing last?"

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«‹‹‹01:30 PM›››» «‹October 22nd›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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I'm not kidding, either.
(1:29:13 PM) Suzuran Majere: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caps_lock
(1:29:21 PM) Aragan the Acolyte: IS THAT TRUE?
(1:29:32 PM) Suzuran Majere: IT'S ON WIKI SO IT HAS TO BE TRUE!
(1:29:40 PM) Suzuran Majere: ROFFLES

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«‹‹‹12:51 PM›››» «‹October 20th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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Victoreet has gotten helluva disturbing.
This happened last night!

<GutFunk> T_T ARAGAN
<GutFunk> the pm....
* Victoreet 'v'?
<Victoreet> oh my boyfriend managed to get a profit
<GutFunk> BIRD
<Victoreet> to spit bird *fft!* please meet our new ceo, starkun *v*;
<GutFunk> NO!!
<GutFunk> *DIES*
<Aragan> Who huh?
<GutFunk> I pmed victor
<GutFunk> and he said...
<Victoreet> i've pmed him nineteen minutes ago 'v'
<GutFunk> fdladf
* Aragan looks
* Victoreet flutters his wings >v<
<Aragan> ...
<Aragan> <Victoreet> (From GutFunk) Victoreet, what should sis buy from touch of romance
<Aragan> <Victoreet> (To GutFunk) does sis get ross in the anus 'v'
<GutFunk> T_____T
<Aragan> Oh God that's awful XD
<GutFunk> It amazes me how he connects those two together and still makes such a horrible sentence

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«‹‹‹11:21 PM›››» «‹October 19th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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Here's the proof I'm not dead!

Ragnarok Wisdom fans (or former fans) might recognize this; there was an early comic that lampooned a machine translation program's failure to correctly translate various RO class names from Korean, giving Blacksmiths the name "Right Season Worker" in one instance. From there, the idea that Blacksmiths are communists was born.

The last panel of that comic (screenChaos042) used to be available on the RW website as a wallpaper, which was requested by one of the guys at the Prontera Parish (it was still around at the time).

When AOL Hometown unexpectedly shut down several years ago, I lost the wallpaper version--but honestly, I don't think it was a big loss, since it was nothing more than a copy-and-paste job of Myung-Jin Lee's concept art over a crappy MS Paint background.

When the Ragnarok Wisdom website redesign underway, I've been trying to remake any graphics used on the website itself (not the comics, though I'd like to do that too). I wanted to do a proper wallpaper to replace the old, lost one, too.

Which is what led to me doing this!

It took me roughly a day or two of work to from start to finish, and boy did my hand hurt afterward. This was the first time I've ever used my tablet to draw and color people from start to finish. I usually just make a rough outline with the tablet then draw over it with a line tool.

Still, I think it's worth it--and since this was all done in Flash, I was able to easily make different resolutions of it as well--both normal and widescreen. What I've uploaded here is the largest example of that in widescreen.

If you want a wallpaper that's in your native resolution (or close to it), I've got plenty more right here:

http://www.adultimum.net/rw/extras/wallpapers/rsw-800x600.jpg 800 x 600
http://www.adultimum.net/rw/extras/wallpapers/rsw-1024x768.jpg 1024 x 768
http://www.adultimum.net/rw/extras/wallpapers/rsw-1280x800.jpg 1280 x 800
http://www.adultimum.net/rw/extras/wallpapers/rsw-1280x960.jpg 1280 x 960
http://www.adultimum.net/rw/extras/wallpapers/rsw-1440x900.jpg 1400 x 900
http://www.adultimum.net/rw/extras/wallpapers/rsw-1600x1200.jpg 1600 x 1200
http://www.adultimum.net/rw/extras/wallpapers/rsw-1680x1050.jpg 1580 x 1050
http://www.adultimum.net/rw/extras/wallpapers/rsw-2560x1600.jpg 2560 x 1600

Hopefully I'll get done with the website redesign soon! Until then, peace out!

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«‹‹‹10:27 PM›››» «‹October 19th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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I'm 27 years old now.
For most of the year, no one's heard anything from me, and the Ragnarok Wisdom website has been silent.

Several times now, I've been trying to get the Ragnarok Wisdom website relaunched on specific dates. The Fourth of July, this year's anniversary, and my birthday (which is today). Each time, the task has proved too tedious and daunting to succeed; even though Comic CMS is going to make it much, MUCH easier to manage the webcomic once it's relaunched, the process of moving everything into its format is very tedious.

Not to mention time consuming. Right now I'm working on hunting down whatever news updates I've written for the RW website (most of which have been lost to time) to add to the site's news archives feature. I don't get to add them in batches; I have to do each by hand.

As you can imagine, it's not fun.

Anyway, for anyone who's still waiting on Ragnarok Wisdom to return, don't worry--I haven't given up on it. This is a pretty daunting task, though.

See you guys later!

«‹‹‹09:33 PM›››» «‹March 14th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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Finally, the last Ragnarok Wisdom to be back-updated!
screenChaos443 is up! (The last back updated comic, hopefully!)

Finally! I'm done updating out of order!

This is the comic I had to skip over last month while I was busy catching up with all the other comics I missed out on finishing due to the problems this January. That's why its date is marked back in February; I had this all set up but didn't have the time to make it happen. And, after all that's happened these past few months, I've decided to punt the flow of time out the window.

By the way ...

Currently, the Ragnarok Wisdom forums are closed to new registrations. We have been having some seriously bad problems with spambots hammering the place. Unfortunately I can't really do anything about it for the time being, as the solution will most certainly involve reworking this site as well as the forum itself.

If you'd like to hang out in the RW fan community, you'll have to come to the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC channel at EsperNet. The chat page on this site will give you directions on how to hang out with us there--be sure to check the FAQ, as well as the channel's new stats page if you're interested in seeing when we're the most active.

Enjoy the old/new comic!

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«‹‹‹11:23 PM›››» «‹March 7th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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Updating with another missed RW from the past!
screenChaos438 is up! (Yes, another back-update!)

Alright! One more comic to upload retroactively and we can get back to a normal updating schedule.

This is the second half of the New Year's special that I hadn't uploaded due to all the junk that put me on the unexpected hiatus throughout January and part of February. Now you can see just what Nth Power planned to do to everyone's favorite dumbass--er, I mean, ditzy ice fiary!

Enjoy the old/new comic!

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«‹‹‹11:35 PM›››» «‹March 1st›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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Another new RW is up?!
screenChaos444 is up!

... Okay, so I went ahead and made a new comic before finishing #439 and #443.

I have a good reason for it, though! Mega Man 10 is available for the Wii today. An idea popped into my head and I couldn't resist making it into a comic.

So! Another new comic is up--but screenChaos438 and 443 are still not up yet. Give me some time, I'll get it all worked out! Seriously!

Enjoy the new comic!

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«‹‹‹11:31 AM›››» «‹February 28th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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Ragnarok Wisdom is up!
screenChaos439 is up!

Here's another one of the comics I missed out on updating due to all that crap that was going on!

Once I upload #438, I'll be free to go back to a regular update schedule,-and I'll update the archives page at that point (since it's still stuck on #437 and people have been complaining about that). Then I can move forward--well, I've got to finish and upload #443, true, but hey, at least it won't be a back-udpated comic!

Here's to hoping that I won't get tied up like that again.

Anyways, enjoy the comic!

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«‹‹‹01:42 PM›››» «‹February 25th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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An RW that should have been up a month ago!
screenChaos440 is up!

.This is one of the "back-updated" comics I said I was going to take care of. See, I had parts of this comic all ready to go last month, but I never had time to finish it due to the stuff that put me on the unannounced hiatus for a month.

And once I finally got around to working on finishing the comic and uploading it, good Lord did it rake me over the coals! I think I've been working on this comic for five or six days straight. I actually had to do it over several times, too.

Despite all that, though, the comic's finally up, and you can read it below.

... Now, if only it didn't cause me to miss the update for 443 ...

I'm going to try and finish back-updating the comics, though I will say that, aside from 443, I don't plan to "catch up" on missed weekly updates for this month or next month, should back-updating continue to eat up all my time.

To be honest, there's things on PSU I want to do before it's gone forever, and I didn't expect to spend this month doing nothing but working on RWs.

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«‹‹‹11:36 AM›››» «‹February 14th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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RW's up for Valentines' Day/Chinese New Year!
screenChaos442 is up!

Oookay. So things haven't gotten that much better for me. That stuff I mentioned in my past update is still ongoing, so my time is still being ate up.

That accounts for my not being able to make good on my promise and back-update comics I'd not uploaded (screenchaos440, 439, 438). Rest assured, though, I will get to them. Hopefully--and I seriously can't make any promises about it, not with the way things have been going--I can get some of them up this week.

Knowing me, though, Sunday will roll around again before I can get any of them uploaded, and I'd prefer to update the index with the missing comics so people have a chance to see them ...

Until I get those comics uploaded, I'm holding off on updating the archives page (after all, it wouldn't make any sense). More incentive for me to get them up.

Man. If this junk keeps up, I'm gonna turn into the webcomics' version of Rob Liefeld or something. D:

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«‹‹‹11:31 PM›››» «‹February 12th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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Stuff from being out and about:
The new Whataburger patty melt is actually pretty good. They ran out of toast when I rried it tonight, though, so I had to have it with wheat bread. Still pretty good. I don't usually like burgers with onions, but this is one of the few times it actually tasted good to me.

Oh, and the odd thing that happened: "Paradise City" by Guns 'n Roses was playing on a local "we play anything" radio station an hour ago. (I swear, I always mishear that song's lyrics. I keep hearing it as "Take me down to the very last city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty!" ... )

I changed stations after the song ended since it changed to a 1970s band I wasn't too fond of ... I wound up checking in on the local classic rock station. They were busy playing their ident at the time, and then ... they started playing the EXACT SAME GUNS 'N ROSES SONG.


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«‹‹‹08:25 PM›››» «‹February 10th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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I'm back ... and so is Ragnarok Wisdom!
Yes, it's true! I'm back, and a NEW comic is up!
Boy. This year has not started off well at all.

As I mentioned last month, I got whacked by a rootkit. That had me unable to focus on making any comics for Ragnarok Wisdom until I had sorted it out. I thought I'd be back to making comics within that week.

Well, that turned out to be the least of my troubles, and it's stuff I neither can nor want to get into. I will say, though, that it's some major drama between other family members that I wound up having to help out with, and have been spending a large amount of my spare time in doing so.

As a result, I didn't have the time to touch Ragnarok Wisdom, finish any of the other projects I've got over my head, or even touch any of the games I play.

Hopefully that ends now. Today I'm going to try and get back on track with Ragnarok Wisdom, starting with screenChaos441. I'll be uploading 440, 439, and 438 in reverse order, and updating the index each time, so stay tuned.

Also! If anyone is reading this update, I'd appreciate it if you guys would let people know that Ragnarok Wisdom is still around. If you know anyone else who reads it but stopped due to the update lapse, let them know I'm updating again.

People only know about Ragnarok Wisdom because of word of mouth; let them know I'm not done yet!

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«‹‹‹08:01 PM›››» «‹January 10th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2010›››››»

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No RW for today, not yet at least.
screenChaos438 and 439 aren't up yet.
Hate to do this delaying business again, guys, but the new year hasn't kicked off like I hoped it would.

I've had some computer issues plauging me that have kept me from updating the site (and working on the next Ragnarok WIsdom for this week). Just as I fixed one issue this weekend, another one hit me in the form of a rootkit.

On the 9th of January, no less!

I spent most of Saturday and most of this morning trying to remedy the situation with the help of friends. I'm still not sure if my system is clean or if the rootkit is still lurking on the system--I haven't suffered any symptoms of a rootkit infection since it first happened, though.

My friends think, given how it happened, that the rootkit attack came through over a vulnerablity in Adobe Acrobat Reader. I've since been told that Acrobat's pretty vulnerable to crap like this--I decided to remove it from my system and got an alternative PDF reading program. I suggest you guys do the same; the vulnerability won't be patched for a few more days and apparently more of these attacks are happening.

Again, I'm sorry about these delays. Hopefully I can finally end this crap.
Stay safe!

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«‹‹‹09:00 PM›››» «‹December 31st›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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The Final RW of 2009!
screenChaos437 is up!
The final comic of 2009!

I'm rushing to take care of some other things before the clock reaches midnight here in U.S. Central, so I don't really have much to say about this update.

Though, I do hope you all have a happy new year!

Oh, and enjoy the comic, too!

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«‹‹‹11:15 PM›››» «‹December 27th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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Two more updates for Ragnarok Wisdom. I'm burning out, here. @_@
screenChaos435 and 436 are up!
Okay, I think I'm caught up now.

Jeez, I've been making enough comics this month for two average months of RW! And I've spent almost all my free time doing it. I'm burned out. ;_;

Well, I did give my self a bit of a break with 436. You'll see!

Anyway, enjoy the comics! I hope you all had a merry Christmas!

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«‹‹‹09:25 PM›››» «‹December 24th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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This Week's RW + Christmas Eve Updates
screenChaos433 and 434 are up!
I'm really behind on comic-making; but, it is Christmas.

The Christmas Day comic will probably come this Sunday, or later, depending on when I can find the time to do it; I don't want to spend the rest of my free time this year doing nothing but RWs, especially with the timing of comic updates and holidays this year. I already feel burned out on spending so much time on these comics as it is ...

Anyway, enjoy the comics! I hope you have a merry Christmas!

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«‹‹‹11:57 AM›››» «‹December 24th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

[Level 0 Entry]




December has been dry and cold, and only occasionally cloudy. Then, early this morning, it started to rain, a lot.

A few hours later, that turned into sleet.

Then it turned into full-blown snow.

And not just a mild drift--we've got a blizzard warning! We have at least a foot of snow on the ground out here, and it's still snowing--forecasts say the snow will continue to fall until 6:00 PM tonight.

Much of the town and local cities have closed down due to the snow, church services cancelled, and such. Wise choice, given how people out here can not handle lesser snowfall. Up north in Oklahoma, a nearby county has asked residents to ration water because the snow knocked out their water services.

This is freaking crazy! We not only have a white Christmas, we've got way more than we can chew!

I think this might be enough snow to build a snowman! I haven't done that in a decade!

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«‹‹‹08:03 PM›››» «‹December 21st›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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Because Theogrin intended this to happen:
Theogrin: ... good lord. "A 1.5 Terabyte hard drive". That just hit me.
Theogrin: I could contain every work of fiction written in the English language within that and still have room for a sizeable amount of porn.

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«‹‹‹11:56 PM›››» «‹December 20th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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Friggin' ... Okay, Ragnarok Wisdom is a week late, but it's up.
Okay, NOW screenChaos432 is up!
Yes! It's actually up now!

I'm gonna take a page from Freeman's Mind and say, "OH MY GOD THAT WAS STUPID. WHY DO I KEEP DOING STUPID THINGS?"

Namely: "I should do a comic involving the Terminator! It'll only be a few panels, it should be easy!"

As you can tell ... I was wrong. Oh so very wrong.

I wound up being late by a whole week on this comic ... Especially due to spontaneous trips to meet relatives, as well as Lunaris badgering me to enter Team Fortress 2's art contest. (Which, by the way, you can see my submission here. The winning entries utterly smoked mine.)

I honestly don't know if I have it in me to make a comic for this week's Ragnarok Wisdom. If I do, it's going to be pretty short, considering Christmas is this week, too. I'm running out of steam on this!

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«‹‹‹08:14 AM›››» «‹December 16th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

[Level 0 Entry]

Well, THIS is what I wound up doing.
And I hope it was worth it.

TF2 Poster - FREEDOM
by ~trevmun on deviantART

The recent update for Team Fortress 2 is a war-themed contest between the Soldier and Demoman. Whichever class kills the most of the other side gets a special fourth unlockable item.

Soon after the war began this weekend, Valve announced a "propaganda poster" art contest--multiple prizes to be given out, with the grand winner getting to name a special hat (which, as of this post, I ASSUME is that fourth unlockable).

Lunaris (my fellow Ragnarok Wisdom staff) has urged me to enter--ironically enough, to make a poster for the Demoman, despite the fact that he loves Soldiers (especially BLU Soldiers, and the BLU Soldier is the poster boy for Soldiers everywhere during this war event). He says he supports the underdog.

Well, I had an idea, but I had no idea how little time there was to do it--until Lunaris began hounding me on it. I didn't have much time to draw out my idea, so I took a different approach ...

First, I recreated the idea I had in mind with Garry's Mod. Then I took a snapshot of that scene and digitally painted over it with the GIMP, including adding in the recently-announced Demoman unlockables (the Eyelander claymore and Chargin' Targa shield), making a new backdrop and simplifying the colors of the characters present. Then I popped the picture into Flash and trace-bitmapped it to give it a look that seemed kind of like propaganda art.

It's not how I was planning to go about this picture, but it still conveys the idea I had in mind. The only difference between this version of the picture and the one I sent to Valve is that this one has my name on it (and it's bigger). I submitted my poster minutes before the supposed deadline, and I'm not even sure if I made it in time. I guess we'll find out!

(... If only I'd taken the time to specify that I didn't want a Small-sized t-shirt ... )

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«‹‹‹05:09 PM›››» «‹December 15th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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screenChaos432 isn't up yet. Again!
I'm gonna take a page from Freeman's Mind and say, "OH MY GOD THAT WAS STUPID. WHY DO I KEEP DOING STUPID THINGS?"

Namely: "I should do a comic involving the Terminator! It'll only be a few panels, it should be easy!"

As you can tell ... I was wrong. Oh so very wrong.

Unfortunately I think this is going to end up like last week, especially since Lunaris wants me to take care of something else that ends today before finishing RW.

(Bwahaha! Now you've got the RW fanbase to answer to, Lun!)

Ahem. Anyway, guys, uh ... give me some time! I'll have it done this week.

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«‹‹‹11:56 PM›››» «‹December 14th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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I really ... REALLY ...
... Should not have elected to work on a comic involving the Terminator. @_@

«‹‹‹02:04 AM›››» «‹December 11th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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For those wondering what happened this week, and the week prior:
I'm not a tech-savvy guy. I know who to ask and what to research when I have a problem, but that's about it. After this week, though, I'm wondering if I should just screw it and get a job at a comp shop or something, since I'm already looked to by others to fix problems of this sort.

My free time this week was consumed by needing to play techie for a person I can only describe as Gilligan (as I said in my RW update). In every sense of the word. Last week, it was just giving advice ... but of course, this is a Gilligan we're talking about, and it's only something I've come to truly appreciate as a result of these recent days.

At first, it was a complaint about one of their games not filling the whole screen when running (though apparently fullscreen). They decided that it was due to Windows, and somehow (apparently they messed with System Restore, but I'm not too sure) they managed to not only screw things up for their computer, but they made it necessary to reformat the drive; in a similar result to what happened with my computer almost a year ago, ntoskrnl.exe was corrupted.

They tried doing a repair reinstall first, but that left Windows XP unstable; it couldn't be loaded normally, as the computer would insta-BSoD and restart just after showing the loading screen. Choosing Last Known Good Configuration worked, but they had savaged their own internet access, and apparently could not even load CDs/DVDs to reinstall drivers. Downloading drivers from ASUS' website (which was a pain as they didn't appear to have the drivers needed) via my computer and using a USB stick to transfer them didn't resolve the problem.

At that point they were raging about how their computer was a "piece of junk" (and other more colorful epithets) and that they would need to buy a whole new computer. (This Gilligan has a tendency to want to buy an entirely new thing whenever there's a minor inconvenience. Bad eyesight? Blame it on your current monitor and buy a new one that's bigger! I'm serious. They actually did this.)

... and yet I was able to get the machine back in working order after I reformatted the hard drive, then reinstalled Windows and all required drivers, with no issues at all. Of course, the Gilligan tried to fiddle with it while it was busy downloading updates and somehow invoked a BSoD because they wouldn't wait. Nevertheless, their computer is running fine now, up to speed as far as Windows Updates go, and has the usual required antivirus/antispyware programs installed.

Overall, it took me a long time to get to that point. The way things are going, I should just make it my day job so I can at least learn how to do it professionally. Yeesh.

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«‹‹‹10:21 PM›››» «‹December 10th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

[Level 0 Entry]

FINALLY. I FINALLY got this week's Ragnarok Wisdom uploaded!
screenChaos431 is FINALLY up!
Boy, that was a pain in the keister!

What's had my full attention this week is all done (I hope), though, and now I've had time to finish the website updates and upload the comic.

If you're curious as to what held me up for almost the entire week, well, I can give you a good mental image: Playing tech support for Gilligan. Yes, that Gilligan. As you can imagine, I was starting from square one way too many times.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the comic, late as it is!

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«‹‹‹09:05 PM›››» «‹December 6th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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Ragnarok Wisdom delayed.
screenChaos431 won't be up for some time.
There's things going on that are beyond my control which have prevented me from finding the time to work on a Ragnarok Wisdom this Sunday.

I've been trying to chip away at the comic I had planned, hoping to at least upload it Monday morning, but that won't be possible either.

I'm not sure when in the week this comic will be done, since most of my free time has been "recruited" into dealing with this other issue that's been going on. Sorry, guys. I'll try and get the comic up when things blow over.

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«‹‹‹11:42 PM›››» «‹November 29th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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A new Ragnarok Wisdom for the week!
screenChaos430 is up!
Funny thing, this was meant to be the comic for Thanksgiving, but ... I had too much of a food coma. @_@;

At least I was able to finish it as a post-Thanksgiving comic! And it still is kind of relevant, too.

Regardless! Enjoy the comic!

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«‹‹‹02:28 AM›››» «‹November 23rd›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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Ragnarok Wisdom for the week!
screenChaos429 is up!
Okay! A little more on time this time!

Come to think of it ... I think I recall hearing that somoene actually pulled something like this, except that they didn't actually create the character and then transfer them. Rather, they just created a character that appeared to have been transferred.

Regardless! Enjoy the comic!

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«‹‹‹11:57 PM›››» «‹November 18th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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It should NOT have taken this long to finish an RW.
screenChaos428 is up!
... Oooookay. This one should NOT have taken the length of time it did for me to finish.

I've actually been plugging away at this one since Sunday night, but ... I've got nonot get it out the door.

Anyway, despite the time it's taken to get this one out, I hope you all enjoy the comic--and I hope you're still reading! Eheh.

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«‹‹‹10:59 PM›››» «‹November 8th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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Ragnarok Wisdom is up!
screenChaos427 is up!
Whew! This one took a while.

Not just in the sense of time spent working on the comic, but I've had this idea since, well ... since the topic relevant to the comic was first announced a few months ago. I had to keep modifying the comic script every time I did, too, since the date kept getting further and further away from certain time-relevant punchlines I could have made.

Ah well, you win some, you lose some. Enjoy the comic!

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«‹‹‹07:25 PM›››» «‹November 6th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

[Level 0 Entry]


Unreal Development Kit - http://www.udk.com/

I've been looking for something like this for years, and now Epic Games has delivered. firehawke told me about it; it just came out yesterday if I recall him saying.

Here's what's so good about this Unreal Development Kit. It doesn't cost you a dime to make games with it if you plan on making non-commercial games. What's more, they have clear-cut commercial licensing plans, with several different options. (Take note of the royalty option: You pay $99 up front to license the engine. The first $5,000 you make with your game is all yours, but after that, 25% of your revenue goes to Epic Games.)

Contrast this to Valve and just about every other developer out there with a SDK for their engine, who keeps pricing vague and requires that you need to set up a meeting with the company before you can agree to a price for licensing.

For indie gamers, this is perfect. I've already downloaded my copy of the software; Hawke tapped me for a project involving the UDK, and I'm working on getting back into 3D modeling.

It's about time I use my desktop for what it was built for.

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«‹‹‹05:55 PM›››» «‹November 3rd›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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Okay, THERE we go. RW's up for real!
screenChaos426 is REALLY up, for real this time!
Okay, THAT was annoying.

While I was in the middle of uploading the comic on Sunday, I lost connection to my FTP. I also couldn't access websites for a while. I'm thinking it must have been something either with my computer, router, or ISP ...

Either way, I finally managed to get this thing uploaded right. I'm sorry it took me so long to get this fixed!

Enjoy this week's comic! (Really!)

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«‹‹‹10:52 PM›››» «‹November 1st›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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screenChaos426 is up!
Well, I wasn't able to get anything out for Halloween itself, so this comic ought to be appropriate!

Other than that, well, um ... I can't think of much else to say on this! Planning for this year's Halloween was pretty much a "cross-that-bridge-when-we-get-there" affair.

I partially blame Corigan for this! I asked him what he wanted to wear for Halloween, and he never got back to me! (His alt tabbing knows no bounds.)

Enjoy this week's comic!

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«‹‹‹04:19 PM›››» «‹October 30th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

[Level 0 Entry]

Okay, NOW there's a Ragnarok Wisdom.
screenChaos425 is up!

Okay! It almost took me right up until Halloween, but I finally got that comic up!

Sorry about that--trust me, I'm not too happy about the whole spiel with GeoCities, but there were sites that I (and people I know) didn't want to slip into the abyss, so it was a real "drop what you are doing" moment.

Now then, back to happy things!

I'm not sure if I'll have the time for a Haloween comic tomorrow--but if I do make one tomorrow, it'll count as the update for Sunday.

Enjoy this week's comic!

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«‹‹‹08:29 PM›››» «‹October 28th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

[Level 0 Entry]

I dunno about you guys ...
... but if there's anything this week and weekend have taught me, it's that you can never assume that something online will be around forever.

For anyone who might still be in the dark, GeoCities is dead. All websites hosted by GeoCities were deleted by Yahoo yesterday around 2:00 PM CST, and replaced with a "positive language" message informing surfers of such.

Elsewhere, Yahoo had this to say: "Yahoo continuously evaluates and prioritizes our products and services in alignment with business goals and our continued commitment to deliver the best consumer and advertiser experiences. The company's closing is part of our ongoing effort to prioritize our portfolio of products and services in order to deliver the best products to consumers."

(... You know, I've really come to hate corporate "positive language" when it comes to things like this. It's too passive-aggressive. Screwing people over with a smile.)

As I mentioned in my non-update for Ragnarok Wisdom, I wound up devoting most of my free time to saving and archiving various sites on GeoCities. All of the sites I saved were relevant to my interests, but were saved for the benefit of various communities (such as all the remaining Starsiege sites, for the Starsiege community) or people I know (such as logs from the Mega Man MUSH and certain lengthy informational sites on how to properly run a MU*, saved for Corgian and Lunaris, as well as Fearless Leader of MCM).

I wound up getting around 300 to 400 MB of data.

This is hardly a drop in the bucket compared to the kind of things that have been going on elsewhere. As of this post, there's five known teams that were going through GeoCities as a whole, archiving it all, or at least all they could. They had methods far more efficient and usable than my own, but I still did what I could on my own in case their sweeps failed to catch everything from the sites I focused on.

I have to agree with Jason Scott--this kind of crap isn't cool. Companies and governments don't treat real-life property the way they do online property. Internet sites are far more transient and fleeting; people find themselves unable to pay for web hosting, or move on to other things, or die. Companies go out of business or are bought by other companies, who then dispose of whatever that company held on to.

Electronic data is treated too much like sand castles. It's kind of scary, if you think about it ... we're living in a mindset that's too much like that Brave New World novel. Everything is disposable. I don't like that.

I've been stung by the sudden loss of online property before, without even realizing what happened; anything I had been using Hometown AOL for was quietly destroyed around this time last year. I still haven't gotten around to fixing links or uploading backups of my files to the Ad Ultimum Network.

Not everything had a local backup, though. Some of my first websites are permanently gone, only barely archived by Archive.org--and I don't have the files for that anymore, given that most of my old stuff prior to high school is long since gone thanks to a screw-up by one of my father's friends back then.

But, there you go. A harsh lesson learned. If you like something you see that's online, save it locally. It might not be there tomorrow. You can not rely on Archive.org to have that data on hand. Their Wayback Machine can only do so much.

As for Jason Scott's Archive Team and the other efforts to archive GeoCities, I hope they get everything they could. I visited Scott's IRC channel, and happened to overhear them saying that they lost a chunk of sites due to the fact that said sites used a java applet for menus. I just hope that's an exception rather than the norm.

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«‹‹‹08:54 PM›››» «‹October 25th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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RW is going to be delayed.
screenChaos425 will be up soon.
Something else has taken higher priority than Ragnarok Wisdom for the time being. As you guys might have heard, Geocities is being shut down by Yahoo. This is an old, old webhosting service that offered small parcels of web space for free, and did so for 15 years.

There's countless sites on there which will never be available again after today, and I'm not sure when the sites will be deleted. I've been spending the weekend archiving certain sites that are important to me for one reason or another, and it's cut in to time for Ragnarok Wisdom and the Legend of Key-Fu.

I'm really sorry about that, but, well--if you gotta blame someone, I'd blame Yahoo. I know I'm not alone in that line of thinking. Once I'm done with my share of this, I'll get back to work on Ragnarok Wisdom.

As for The Legend of Key-Fu, it'll probably have to be released one page at a time over the course of the rest of this month. The first page is already up, though. Let me know if you like where things are heading!

Oh, in case you're wondering--that music that plays towards the end of #424 comes from a game that can be seen in action here. Rudolph Ravioli loves this game.

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«‹‹‹08:56 PM›››» «‹October 20th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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More pressing matters than Key-Fu ...
I haven't gotten any work on anything done today, because we've been dealing with a billing issue concerning the Ad Ultimum Network. I won't get into any more details, but I will say that I don't think nothing happened on my side--but we're trying to get things sorted out.

I hope it sorts out soon, because the due date is in a few days. I'd rather not lose my domain name to a cybersquatter ...

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«‹‹‹10:16 PM›››» «‹October 19th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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First Key-Fu 9 page up!
Well, I've been forced to do this rather than upload the whole thing at once. I'm not happy about it, but since I can't control time, this will have to do.

Here's the first page!


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«‹‹‹01:36 PM›››» «‹October 19th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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An RW on my 26th Birthday! But no Key-Fu?
screenChaos424 is up!
Surprise! A flash movie on my birthday!

Given the way the previous week went (with the weather and all), I had no time to work on any comics, or The Legend of Key-Fu for that matter. That also had the side effect of moving #424 up to this week, and I'd been planning to--well, you can see below! (You can also see it at my deviantART gallery!)

It won't make up for the whole lack of flash movies from earlier this year, but it's still something. I hope you enjoy it!

As for The Legend of Key-Fu, it'll probably have to be released one page at a time over the course of the rest of this month. I blame Cirno for all of this!

Oh, in case you're wondering--that music that plays towards the end? The game in question can be seen in action here. Rudolph Ravioli loves this game.

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«‹‹‹09:33 PM›››» «‹October 12th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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Well, THAT was one hell of a blast from the past.
I've been KOed today--not due to sickness or swine flu, but by acid reflux. I haven't had THAT in a while ... and it was pretty bad this time, too. Acid went right into my lungs ... that really, really hurt. Couldn't breathe, couldn't speak.

As usual after an episode of that, I've been left feeling achey all over. I still don't understand why that happens--the aching part, that is. Every joint in my body aches after an acid reflux episode. It's weird.

I did find, however, that this drink (Ginger Soother by the Ginger People) gets rid of nasty acid slime in my mouth and throat, though. Gonna have to remember that for the future.

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«‹‹‹12:17 PM›››» «‹October 12th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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No! I haven't given up on Ragnarok Wisdom! Here's proof!
screenChaos423 is up!

The rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated! Yes, I'm still around, no, I didn't give up on Ragnarok Wisdom! The past week has been a major pain in the butt--we've been having nonstop severe weather for most of that week, and the weekend wasn't exactly peaceful either.

The constant thunderstorms we've had forced me to hold off on working on Ragnarok Wisdom or The Legend of Key-Fu. I didn't want to risk losing everything from another stray lightning bolt--I've got surge protection, sure, but the loss of my desktop from last month proved that I can never be too careful out here in Storm Central.

And to think, I was hoping to get a comic out on good time by using a method I should have started using done long ago ...

Anyways--for anyone who's still been waiting for an update, enjoy the comic! I'm HOPING the weather doesn't pull another week-long thunderstorm again ...

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«‹‹‹08:51 PM›››» «‹October 11th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

[Level 0 Entry]

Good God, I don't even remember falling asleep. I think I practically passed out today!

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«‹‹‹11:39 PM›››» «‹October 9th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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Smilin' Bob's Antics Elsewhere
Aeris: *laughs* For a second I wondered if you somehow read my mind. I'm in a class called Severe and Unusual Weather and I'm learning all about storms and stuff.
Aeris: and we watched a movie where a guy named Bob, from Texas, was talking and he's the classes biggest inside joke.
Aeris: Haha! Oh no! I better learn occumen..en...ecy... Damn I wish I knew how to spell.
Aragan: ... I'm sorry, but my mind segued into Enzyte commercials as weather teaching aids. XD
Aeris: HAH!
Aragan: "Hey, it's our friend Bob! Uh-oh, looks it's raining on Bob's picnic!"Aeris: Hahaha!
Aragan: *Bob looks up at the sky as it thunders and begins to rain, AND HE NEVER STOPS SMILING*
Aeris: dnhjfkjsd
Aragan: "Oh no, it looks like there's some hail coming Bob's way, too!"

*quarter-sized hail starts hitting Bob in the face and on his teeth, AND HE NEVER STOPS SMILING*
Aeris: fsdfjsd
Aragan: "Looks like you should have paid more attention to the news, Bob! Here comes a tornado!"

*Bob gets sucked into the vortex of a passing tornado, AND HE NEVER STOPS SMILING*
Aeris: kjfhsdfkj
Aragan: And the entire time, the Enzyte commercial whistle tune plays.

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«‹‹‹07:40 PM›››» «‹October 8th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

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Give me a break, Texas!
I haven't been able to work on Ragnarok Wisdom at all this week; every time I get things out of the way, a thunderstorm rolls in. It's been raining, drizzling, and storming every day of the week--I could swear I've been living a stereotypical Seattle day six ways to Sunday.

Ever since the lightning strike that KOed Jetstream in July, I've made it a habit to disconnect my USB drives whenever I hear thunder. Problem is, my old main hard drive prior to the whole fiasco this year is now a USB drive, which means every time severe weather comes through, I can't work on most of my stuff.

I'm not taking the risk of it getting fried by lightning--and I'm not keen on moving project files to my internal main drive. Trying to keep multiple copies of project files up to date is already a pain in the ass with a backup USB drive!

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«‹‹‹07:33 PM›››» «‹October 7th›» «‹‹‹‹‹AD 2009›››››»

[Level 0 Entry]

And now that I can encode in H.264 ... !
Thanks to the help of theogrin and firehawke, I've now got the other piece of the puzzle I need to upload YouTube videos--the H.264 encoder, which pretty much smokes every other encoder ever. This is the only one I've seen that can deliver good image quality at reasonably small file sizes.

Here's a video I won't be uploading to YouTube, though--a game clip from Dungeon Fighter Online from last month. This is what happens when Fraps accidentally starts recording when on Ventrilo.


(The voices you hear are Tristan and Sniff the Raven.)

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