October 2014

Trev-MUNils_trevmun wrote
on January 1st, 2014 at 10:20 pm
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Welcome to 2014

Not much to say I haven't already said back on Christmas; I had my fifth ABVD infusion this Monday and I'm still feeling like crap from it. The anti-nausea medicine had me sleeping most of New Years' Eve, and most of today as well. I've also got this weird combination of feeling ill at ease, like a fluttering heartbeat, and mild queasiness. Hopefully it goes away before the week is out; I've grown accustomed to these side effects kind of petering away by the second week, giving me some kind of reprieve.

It's almost been a year since my mom died ... and it doesn't feel like it should be. I find myself thinking more about it partially because of how she died, and how some of the drugs in this chemotherapy regime put me at the same risk. Not fun to think about when you have this funny feeling in your chest almost all the time.

To my chagrin I didn't manage to get my second PET scan done before the 2013 closed. It was scheduled on December 30, and ... I totally blew it. See, before the PET scan, you have to avoid caffeine for 24 hours prior, not eat anything six hours before, and your last meal has to be high in protein and low in carbs. I forgot about all of this and had to call the cancer center to ask if they could reschedule me. Thankfully, they did; it was supposed to be done on the 31st, but when I went in to the Outpatient Center for the appointment, I found that I was due for a pulmonary function test instead.

Long story short; after conferring back and forth with the outpatient center and the cancer center, I went through with the PFT. The PET will be done ... sometime this month, not sure when. And I'm also not sure if said PET scan will be counted by Blue Cross Blue Shield for 2013 or 2014 (that whole "maximum amount of PET scans covered per year" thing). The Cancer Center seemed to indicate it would count for 2013 since they just managed to get it cleared (and said they were actually going to call me about possibly canceling the PET slated for the 30th of December because they couldn't get a hold of anyone at BCBS).

Well, I'll just cross those bridges when I get there.

I was actually going to show up on iRO for New Years' Eve last night, joining Corigan in the celebrations, but alas, I was too tired. I was waiting for my client to patch and next thing I knew my morning alarm was going off. D'oh!

Anywhoo, that's all from me. Happy New Year, guys; I'm hoping this year will be better than the last.

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