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Trev-MUNils_trevmun wrote
on November 25th, 2013 at 08:19 pm
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Third time wasn't the charm.

Hey again, guys.

Finals for this semester are coming up; each class I have has been pouring on the heavy coursework. A research paper, an instructional design document, several graphic design projects ... I'm in for a rough time these coming weeks. Today, though, I got one of the big projects done; a presentation for my Fundamentals of Multimedia Design class, in which we are supposed to relate a story about our lives.

Among the possible topics we could cover was "your development as an artist." That's what I picked; the presentation is online at Prezi, if you guys want to check it out: Cardboard, Scotch Tape, Let's Put on a Show! There's a bunch of stuff in the presentation you guys have probably never seen before, especially the early stuff.

If you check it out, leave me some feedback; I've still got some time to change it up if need be. Be sure to play the presentation full-screen; there are a few embedded videos in the Prezi as well, and you have to play them manually by holding your mouse over their images until video controls show up. Prezi won't mute background music while a video is playing, you'll have to do that manually by clicking on the mute button (not the Prezi logo!) in the bottom left of the control bar (it pops up if you leave your mouse at the bottom of the screen) before watching a video.

Now, as for the medical stuff ...

Today I was supposed to go in for my third round of chemotherapy. However, they decided to postpone it for a week after they did the routine labwork; it turns out that my white blood cell counts are still low (last week they recovered slightly, but they're back down again this week) while my platelets are way low; something like a third of the minimum amount for normalcy.

I've heard before that, if necessary, they can inject patients with blood growth drugs that encourage production of red and white blood cells, but I guess there are some side effects I don't know about because my oncologist has been reluctant to do that. Well, either way, I guess I get a brief break from the side effects. My hair hasn't fallen out in great clumps yet; I feel more like a dog shedding its winter coat, and I haven't developed any bald spots (yet). It'd be nice if I wasn't hit with the worst of the side effects, but the nurse who helped me today said that she's seen other college kids with cancer; they start out thinking they can continue as normal while on chemo, but are quickly forced into dropping all but one or two of their classes because they're just too weak to continue.

(It's funny, almost EVERYONE who meets me thinks I'm in my early or mid 20s. Apparently I look really young for my age. I certainly don't feel like I should be 30.)

I have some good news on the financial front, or potentially good news. I met with the hospital business office and discussed my financial situation; they can put me in an Uncompensated Care program, which waives most of the bills I'd need to pay (I think all they get is the 80% allowable charge from the insurance company). However, I need to be approved for that first, and I need to supply them with some documents proving my financial situation by December 15. I'm trying to focus on that, but with college classwork putting the squeeze on me, I hope I can find the time to do so.

That's all the newsworthy stuff I've got for now; stay safe, guys, and for my fellow Americans, happy Thanksgiving!

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[User Picture]From: veldurn
2013-12-01 04:23 pm (UTC)


The presentation looks great. It reads quite a lot like a resumé, not sure if you intended that or not, but that doesn't make it a bad thing. That's just the impression that I got.
[User Picture]From: ils_trevmun
2013-12-18 04:15 am (UTC)


Heh, it wasn't, but that's cool. Only thing is I don't think much of the stuff I have on display would actually land me a job. I've got to work on making more up-to-date 3D modeling and animaton. One good thing about taking Multimedia Design courses is that it'll force me to do it. Gives me deadlines with concrete consequences and all that.