October 2014

Trev-MUNils_trevmun wrote
on November 24th, 2012 at 02:28 am
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Well, that's a kick in the pants ...

Hey gang,

I know I said I was going to try and get all those Ragnarok Wisdom comics I've had lying around put up on the site, but I'm not so sure I'll be able to do that in any sort of timely manner now.

Earlier today, in a bid to start troubleshooting an issue I've been having with my new video card since June (in which I am unable to watch videos or run any programs involving 3D without risking system freezes, BSoDs, and artifacts), I spent the afternoon blowing dust out of the case and in the video card slots. When I hooked the computer back up, I could no longer access my main hard drive--where all my personal stuff and projects are.

After spending most of the night investigating this, it appears my main drive is dead. On Black Friday, of all days.

I'm a bit paranoid about this kind of thing happening, so prior to today I'd spent the past few days backing up my data to a series of blu-ray disks. It's not everything that was on the drive, but it's the stuff that mattered to me most, including all my project files for Ragnarok Wisdom and the like.

I do have a secondary drive which I use for storing non-essential stuff like games and what not, and as far as I can tell it's still doing fine (though, its SMART data shows it as being LESS healthy than my dead hard drive. Don't know what to make of that)

But for now, I'm unable to use my computer or do anything with my projects. I'm looking into getting a new main drive--I may spring for an SSD finally, as I'd like to have a drive for the OS that WON'T get mechanical failures as some of my techie friends believe is the case this time. I'm not looking for a ton of storage space for a main drive anyhow; just one that's reliable. If any of you guys have experience with SSDs or can name some brands and models I should look into, let me know!

For now, I'll just be over here in the corner fuming silently.